The British weather is known for its unpredictability and tendency to change throughout the day. This makes preparing for the days forecast a tricky thing to do. For mobility scooter users it can mean getting caught in rough conditions without suitable coverage. However, the Royale 4 Sport has unique features that make it perfect for all conditions.

A Canopy for All SeasonsRoyale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter

From the moment you look at the Royale 4 Sport you’ll notice the canopy that covers the scooter from front to back. The obvious benefit of this is that it provides protection from rain, snow, or anything else that might fly towards you. The inclusion of a panoramic windscreen gives excellent visibility and a pleasing view on the days where the sky is blue. The open sides of the canopy also allow the air to circulate, ideal on hot days when it could get a bit close.

The canopy has added benefits beyond the obvious protective qualities. The large indicators are very visible to others, making it safer for use on the road, and the position of the rear-view mirrors give excellent field of view behind you. Finally, the height of the canopy makes it suitable for use by even the tallest of passengers.

Tyres and Suspension Add Comfort and Versatility

Another noticeable feature of the Royale 4 Sport is the larger than normal tyres. The benefit of these are that they are more capable over uneven terrain. The diameter of the wheels allows the scooter to get over divots and bumps with less risk of getting stick in any gaps that smaller wheels might fall in to. Additionally, they’re also pneumatic, meaning the air inside will help absorb bumps and smooth out the ride.

The tyres aren’t the only feature to improve the ride of the Royale 4 Sport, the full suspension system is also excellent for enhancing comfort and rideability. As you hit a bump or divot the suspension will both reduce the jolt and keep all 4 wheels travelling as normal. This helps stability, controllability, and overall enjoyment of driving the scooter.

The Royale 4 Sport Has Excellent Range

Being able to get where you need to go and back again without worrying about battery capacity is a crucial feature of any scooter, but in difficult weather running out of charge is especially bad. The Royale 4 Sport take this into consideration and is equipped accordingly. The enormous 100aAh battery is capable of taken the user up to 37 miles. This makes it more than capable of taking you out of the local area and getting back again without needing a top up.