It can sometimes seem like mobility scooters are all cut from the same cloth, with function dictating the form. If you’re someone who likes to display their personality that can make searching for the right scooter a tedious task. However, if you’re someone who likes to have some edge in their daily life then the Drive Sport Rider may just be the mobility scooter for you.

You’ll Stand Out from the Crowd

Drive Sport Rider 6-8 Mph Mobility ScooterThe most obviously unique element of the Drive Sport Rider is its styling. Inspired by motorbike characteristics you’ll find nothing bland or uninspired about this scooter. The trike layout is detailed with tall, chopper style handlebars fronted with a singular spotlight, all finished in chrome. There are also big pneumatic rubber tyres with chrome rims and mudguards for added flair. The tiller readout is also styled with digital displays formed to look like throwback speedometers. If you have an inner biker you’ll feel right at home on the Drive Sport Rider.

The Form Also Offers Function

The Drive Sport Rider’s motorbike styling may seem like a gimmick, but it does have its functional advantages. Those big wheels give extra stability and control when travelling as they’re less affected by uneven roads and pavements, with the chrome mudguards doing the job you would expect. Additionally, the spotlight provides exceptional visibility when travelling at night, for both yourself and others. The size of the scooter also offers adequate space for an exceptionally comfortable captain’s chair, which has a generous amount of cushioning and adjustability features.

Set-Up for the Road

Drive Sport Rider 6-8 Mph Mobility ScooterAs the Drive Sport Rider is a 6-8mph mobility scooter it can be driven on the road. Now it can’t turn you into Peter Fonda but it can get you where you need to go with ease, comfort and style. The 70Ah or 100Ah batteries have a range of 28 or 31 miles, so you can take short trips around town or go long range if you prefer. Regardless of how far you go the journey will be incredibly smooth thanks to the pneumatic tyres and telescopic suspension. You can keep track of your journey with readouts of speed, range and distance covered, just as you would with an actual motorbike.

All Things Considered

The Drive Sport Rider is the perfect example of letting form and function work together to create a mobility scooter with both personality and competence. So often practical mobility aids can be victim to utilitarian design and while there’s nothing wrong with that it doesn’t always offer choice to the extroverted individual. If you consider yourself an extrovert and are looking to purchase a premium, road legal mobility scooter then the Drive Sport Rider may well be the perfect choice.