Travel Mobility Scooters

Travel Mobility Scooters are the perfect blend of quality and portability. What gives these type of scooters an edge over other scooters is its ability to be simply and quickly disassembled, allowing them to be easily stored and due to its incredibly lightweight can also be transported with minimal hassle. This makes these scooters ideal for those who wish to take their scooters on days out or on holiday as they can be easily popped in the car and reassembled when you have reached your destination. An additional benefit of these scooters is that they can be taken on holiday with the purchase of an Airsafe Plug as a result of their compact design.

Despite their efficient lightweight structure Travel Mobility Scooters still possess a whole host of features found on other scooters. Many Travel Scooters have adjustable seats to help you find the most comfortable position as well as a convenient basket to allow items to be stored. There are some Travel Mobility Scooters that even have a delta tiller hand bar, as opposed to the standard one, meaning that it can be operated with more control, great for those who have limited strength in their hands such as arthritis sufferers.

An additional benefit to Travel Mobility Scooters is as a result of their size they are able to function both indoors and outdoors. With a reduced turning circle and compact design these scooters can be manoeuvred around objects with ease meaning it has no trouble being used inside. Travel Mobility Scooters while not as versatile as some other more powerful types of scooters can still handle being used outdoors, possessing a substantial range meaning it can be used for journeys to the shops and to visit friends and families with no trouble. Although most Travel Mobility Scooters should generally only be used for smooth terrain such as paths and pavements, there are still some Travel Scooters which possess sufficient power to deal with more difficult terrain, such as grass, dirt and sand, offering the best of both worlds.

Do you like days out or just want to venture outdoors but have trouble with your mobility. Then the lightweight, portable and affordable Travel Mobility Scooter is the scooter for you!