6-8MPH Mobility Scooters

One misconception of 6-8mph Mobility Scooters is that you need a driving license to operate it. This is in fact not true! While when traveling at its top speed these scooters need to be driven on the road they do not need any special license to be driven. For this reason the 6-8 mph Scooter is great for those who wish to get from A to B very quickly even when traveling a long distance as these scooters possess large batteries which allows them to be driven for long periods of time between charges.

Another great feature about many 6-8mph Mobility Scooters is that where it may not be suitable to travel on the road the scooter can be swift to a pavement scooter at the flick of a switch. This prevents the scooter from traveling over a speed of 4 mph which is the maximum speed limit that a scooter can go when traveling on a pavement.

In addition to its supreme power over any other scooter the 6-8 mph Mobility Scooter is both stylish and practical. The 6-8 mph Mobility Scooter comes with all the features you would expect of such a superior scooter and more! With adjustable Captain’s Seat and headrest the 6-8 mph Scooter is able to ensure the maximum in comfort on the go. Additionally with in build suspension these scooters will provide a smooth shock free ride even when the terrain is rough or uneven. With its size these scooters have plenty of leg room adding greater well being to the user. The 6-8mph Mobility Scooters also come with lights, brakes, horn and a useful basket for storage.

For those who do not compromise and wish to travel even further outdoors there is no other alternative to the 6-8mph Mobility Scooters!