Pavement Mobility Scooters

Pavement Mobility Scooters are a great option for those with mobility problems wish to travel to destination which are a greater distances away. Possessing greater power than a Travel Mobility Scooter these scooters are able to travel up to a speed of 4 mph letting you get to your desired location in no time. Also with larger batteries Pavement Mobility Scooters are able to travel a much further distance. This gives you even more choice in the places that you may wish to travel to. With this extra strength and sturdy tyres the Pavement Mobility Scooter can tackle a wide array of different terrains meaning it can also be used for going on walks or where there are not adequate paving.

Another great benefit of the Pavement Mobility Scooter is that it is packed with a great number of features to ensure the most comfortable and practical journey possible. With a swivel seat and adjustable armrests Pavement Mobility Scooters can be arranged to provide the most comfortable position to the user. The Pavement Mobility Scooter also has a series of other practical features such as handy basket, lights and a horn. Many Pavement Mobility Scooters have a Delta Tiller Bar, instead of the Standard one, meaning that it can be operated with more control, great for those who have limited strength in their hands such as arthritis sufferers.

There are some Pavement Mobility Scooters which come with built in suspension. What this means is that the Pavement Mobility Scooter can provide a smoother journey to the user as the scooter is less effected by the elements, even where there is rough terrain the Pavement Scooter can still ensure a pleasant trip. With style and great features the Pavement Mobility Scooter is the ideal choice for those who wish to travel outdoors swiftly and in comfort!