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Travel Mobility Scooters

Travel Mobility Scooters are the perfect blend of quality and portability. What gives these type of scooters an edge over other scooters is its ability to be simply and quickly disassembled, allowing them to be easily stored and due to its incredibly lightweight can also be transported with minimal hassle. This makes these scooters ideal for those who wish to take their scooters on days out or on holiday as they can be easily popped in the car and reassembled when you have reached your destination.

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Pavement Mobility Scooters

Pavement Mobility Scooters are a great option for those with mobility problems wish to travel to destination which are a greater distances away. Possessing greater power than a Travel Mobility Scooter these scooters are able to travel up to a speed of 4 mph letting you get to your desired location in no time. Also with larger batteries Pavement Mobility Scooters are able to travel a much further distance.

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