Using a scooter in Britain means you’ll inevitably be faced with rain at some point. Getting caught out and soaked through to your skin due to not having enough weather protection is never fun, especially when you catch a cold afterwards. To help keep you warm and dry there are plenty of wet weather accessories available for mobility scooter users.

Rain Covers and Canopies

Splash Scooter Cosy

If you’re looking to protect yourself from a bit of rain drizzle on a cold day then the Splash Scooter Cosy is great way to give you more protection. Worn over the legs in combination with your own jacket the Scooter Cosy is fully coated in waterproof material, so you won’t get that feeling of sitting in a soggy seat or mud splattered on your legs. Additionally, the Scooter Cosy is fur lined, so when the temperature drops you’ll still be able to keep your legs warm. Something that’s hard to do when sitting stationary.

CareCo Scooter CapeCareCo Scooter Cape rain

If the rain is more of a downpour than a drizzle then the CareCo Scooter Cape may be more suitable for the job of keeping you dry. Instead of only covering your legs the Scooter Cape covers you from head to toe and even the scooter you’re riding. This protects all the vital components from the most severe of rain, while still keeping them visible through the transparent section. Getting in and out of the Cape is made easy as well, thanks its zip fastener you won’t be fumbling around for five minutes trying to avoid tripping over the material.

CareCo Scooter Accessory Pack

If you’re looking for an all-round product to protect the scooter and yourself from the rain at all times, then the CareCo Scooter Accessory Pack is just the ticket. Included are several waterproof products such as; a transparent tiller cover, a seat cover, a full canopy, and a rear mounted carry bag. The tiller and seat cover keeps things dry as you travel, while the canopy can be tucked away in the bag until you park your scooter and need it sheltered. So, whether you’re on the move or away from your scooter you can give it the rain protection it needs.

Abilize Kondor Cabin ScooterAbilize Kondor Cabin Scooter rain

If you haven’t yet invested in a mobility scooter and have a healthy budget then you could simply invest in a scooter that is already suited to protecting you from the rain. The Kondor Cabin Scooter has a fully enclosed seating area, so you’ll be totally shielded from any changes in the conditions. With the added bonus of a heater you’ll be kept toasty when the temperature drops.

Of course, it’s not only suited for winter and autumn weather, the windows can be slid open and the doors removed altogether for when it really heats up. No matter how changeable the weather ends up being you can be prepared without the need for additional accessories.