Often when searching for the right mobility scooter you have to make concessions in one area or another. However, if you’re searching a road-worthy 6-8mph mobility scooter that is uncompromising in its design then the Vecta Sport may well be ideal for your needs. By embracing modern technology and not looking to make it on the cheap, the Vecta Sport puts itself at the very top end of its class. But what exactly makes it so capable?

It Tackles All That It’s Faced WithVecta Sport uncompromising

Most mobility scooters can manage a flat and level surface, some can even handle a little bit of uneven ground, but eventually they may encounter some terrain that is a struggle. The Vecta Sport is unlikely to ever encounter this issue. The high-torque motor is partnered with a limited-slip differential gearbox. In plain English, this means that its got serious drive power. Steep inclines or sticky terrain aren’t an issue, simple put down the power and you’ll keep moving. No wheelspin in the wet, just forward motion.

With the added addition of run-flat tyres you’ll have both the immediate grip to keep going with the added peace of mind knowing they’re puncture proof. Additionally, the full suspension is resilient against potholes while simultaneously ironing out smaller bumps, providing a smooth ride. You won’t find yourself stuck at the side of the road or on country lane waiting for a repair.

It Has the Range to Match the Power

The Vecta Sport may be uncompromising it its ability to keep moving over certain terrain, but it also has a travel range that can match its power. Fitted with two 50ah batteries the Vecta can reach a maximum distance of 27 miles – carrying a max weight of 25 stone – so you’ll be able to reach your destination and make it home without the panic of running flat. Combined with it’s comfort features such as the suspension, captain’s chair, and generous leg room, you’ll enjoy taking longer trips.

There are also practical features to the battery to improve its longevity and convenience. The off-board charging means you can keep the battery in favourable conditions inside the house separate from the large scooter. This means it won’t be subject to temperatures or damp that will shorten its life. Additionally, it means you could potentially purchase spare batteries to keep a set charged when the others run flat.

It Has Uncompromising Style as Well as Substance

The uncompromising approach of the Vecta also continues into the visual appearance of the scooter. You may expect such a robust and feature laden vehicle to look overly functional in its aesthetic, but this isn’t the case. The striking visual design of the Vecta is headed by its sleek tiller shape and angular headlights. The style of the Vecta is dramatically different to the established design on most mobility scooters on the market, meaning you won’t fade into the background when driving the Vecta Sport.