The cold weather has well and truly arrived and winter coats, scarves, and gloves are appearing. Although many of us would like to remain indoors in the warm, we still have to venture outside to get things done. For most people they’ll have warmed up after walking around for few minutes, but if you use a mobility scooter this isn’t possible and you’re exposed to the elements. This is where the Shoprider Traveso is perfect for the cold months.

Enclosed Cabin Protects You from the Coldcold weather

The dominant feature of the Traveso is its enclosed cabin, giving you protection from the variable British elements. Whether the weather is heavy rain, strong winds, or a cold snap, the extensive protection will cocoon you comfortably and safely. This doesn’t mean that in the warmer months you’ll be sweating buckets, as you can remove the side doors when you need some cold air.

The visibility is good too, with clear plastic windows on all sides and side mirrors you won’t need to worry about getting in to too many scrapes. The addition of windscreen wipers will also give you visibility in the rain. Even if you do have small bump there are bull bars on the front and rear as well as bumpers to protect both you and pedestrians.

Range and Driveability

You may think that a scooter with the bulk and feature list of the Traveso would have a short range and be difficult to drive, but this isn’t the case. When it comes to travel range the hefty battery capacity of 75ah is capable of taking you up to 20miles. This is substantial enough that you won’t have to worry about not having enough charge to get to your destination and back again.

When it comes to driveability the Traveso has been designed to be accessible and easy to handle. The delta tiller is comfortable to grip even if you have conditions such as arthritis or carpal tunnel. It’s also responsive when it comes to steering, despite its size and weight. This is thanks to the full suspension system that absorbs bumps and prevents it from jolting around in the wrong direction.

Build Quality and Security

You would expect a scooter like the Traveso to be built well and that’s certainly the case. The robustness of the scooter is demonstrated in its ability to carry up to 25st 3lbs in weight, higher than the vast majority of road bound mobility scooters. The build quality is also beneficial to the security of the Traveso, which is crucial aspect with a scooter of this value. The lockable doors will protect the scooter when it’s unattended and it would take substantial force to bypass the locks.