We all have valuables that we take with us when out and about; wallet, phone, keys, and other items. Most people will just slot these things into their pockets or a bag and having them so close provides piece of mind. For mobility scooter users though it can be uncomfortable to put things in pockets and impractical to wear a bag. These scooter accessories can keep your valuable items safe when in public.

Keeping Your Small Valuables Safe

The most common valuables most people will want to keep safe are pocket sized. Things mentioned previously like phones, wallets, and keys may seem small and simple, but they hold a lot of value both financially and personally.Mobility Scooter Tiller Security Bag safe

One way to protect them when using a mobility scooter is by using an accessory like the Tiller Security Bag. This particular item is attached – unsurprisingly – to the tiller of the scooter, keeping them in sight and in reach. The material is resistant to tearing and is waterproof, making it suitable for electronics and sharp items. The zip fastener also makes it impossible for anyone to just snatch something out of it quickly, deterring someone from trying in the first place.

The Tiller Security Bag isn’t the only option for storing smaller valuables, you may also want to consider a saddlebag. If you carry more than just two or three items the multiple pockets give both more storage and keep you organised. Additionally, the location of the pockets keeps everything within reach, so you won’t need to awkwardly stretch to grab what you want. As an added bonus it doubles as a seat protector, so you’ll see less wear and tear overtime.

Secure Storage for Large Valuables

If you intend to carry largerLockable Scooter Box safe items – or just a lot of stuff – then you’ll likely need something with a more substantial internal storage capacity that’s still secure.

For this, the Lockable Scooter Box is the most comprehensive mobility scooter accessory for the job. The accessory can be fitted to rear of many mobility scooters thanks to the included bracket. This may make you feel uneasy with your belongings being out of sight, but the security features keep the contents safe. The hard exterior protects against any chance of someone breaking in using brute force, while the lock itself keeps it tightly shut against other attempts of theft. As an added bonus, this also makes the Scooter Box weatherproof. Finally, the rear light means you can use it on road legal scooters.

Keeping the Scooter Itself Safe

Keeping your carry valuables safe is one thing, but the most valuable item of all is the mobility scooter itself. A car or motorbike would have certain security features to prevent theft, but a scooter likelyMobility Scooter / Powerchair Alarm safe won’t.

One way to keep your scooter safe when leaving it parked in public is to purchase an aftermarket alarm such as this Scooter and Powerchair Alarm. Once installed the alarm can be activated with the push of a button on the key fob. Once armed the alarm will sound an ear-splitting noise to alert you – or passers-by – to the attempted theft. Not only will this sound likely scare off the thief, but the sight of an alarm on the scooter is a deterrent in itself.

By investing in simple security items such as this, you can provide piece of mind to the safety of your valuables.