There are two common signs of getting older: we need to visit the Doctor more and take more prescription tablets and our memory isn’t what it used to be. Unfortunately, the latter can have a negative impact on the former. Forgetting to take the right tablets at the right time can cause health problems, so can taking too few or too many. That’s why the following medicine tools are designed to help you keep on top of your prescriptions.

Why it’s Important to Have a Routine with Tablets

When a doctor prescribes medicine, it comes with instructions on how many we should take in a day and how often. Sometimes we need to take them at specific times (just before bed because they make us drowsy, with food because the tablet irritates the stomach lining, or on an empty stomach to ensure fast absorption) for maximum effect. For example, if you miss an antibiotic or several, this can lessen the effect of the medicine and prolong the infection. When you’re taking a cocktail of medicines throughout the day, it’s easy to lose track, but the worst thing you can do for a course of treatment.

Pill Boxes with Reminders

Med-Alert Pill Box with Timer tabletsMed Alert Pill Box with Timer

Most people have a routine to take all their pills at the right times, but few think to set reminders – we assume the creation of the routine will soon ingrain itself. But when we break a routine (such as going away for the weekend) the medicine routine is thrown out of kilter. A medicine tool to help you remember to take your tablets, this one has an alarm that you can set at certain intervals to make sure you take your medicines on time. It’s small – just pocket-sized, with a loud alarm that ensures it is heard. This is one of the simplest devices in the range with three buttons and two compartments.

Med-Alert Pill Organiser with Alarm tabletsMed Alert Pill Organiser with Alarm

The pillbox above has just two compartments and the tablets need replacing every day. But what if you want a medicine tool to help you remember and set longer-term alarms and plans? This box contains seven separate compartments – one for each day of the week – which is useful if your prescription varies throughout the week. It also helps you keep an eye on and remember tablets you should have taken that day. After all, once you’ve replaced pills for a day, what happens if you’ve forgotten whether you have actually taken them?

ColourMax Weekly Multi Pill Organiser tabletsColourMax Weekly Multi Pill Organiser

If you need to take different pills throughout the day, then this is the best one yet. It’s a week-long organiser with four compartments for each day (morning, noon, night and backup – you can, of course, use the last one for bedtime). This model does not have an alarm but it is colour coded as memory aids which also helps people with conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Medical Safen tabletsMedical Safe

We usually recommend our medical safe for protecting your sensitive medical documentation or potentially dangerous medical supplies (such as needles used in diabetes self-treatment) but it can be a great memory aid too. By keeping your tablets and other medicines in this medicine tool, you’ll not only protect other family members, you’ll also be using it as a memory aid when keeping it in a conspicuous place.

Talking Memo Alarm Watches tabletsTalking Memo Alarm Watch

Take your reminder wherever you go with this portable alarm watch. Most watches have alarms of some description, what makes this one so special? Well, you can use it to record up to 10 seconds of sound. A simple voice recording of yourself saying “it’s time to take your tablets!” should usually be enough, but it can be set for a wide range of reminders.