Many mobility scooters are capable of handling more than just flat pavement and flooring, they can also manage a bit of bumpy ground. However, when it comes to the really tough stuff – wet grass and rocky inclines – they have some trouble. The small wheels and low ground clearance just aren’t optimal for that kind of terrain. This is where an all-terrain mobility scooter comes in. The features of these scooters have been specialised for users who want to explore beyond the town centre and into the wilderness. These three models will be able to handle just about anything you throw at them.

all-terrainSaxon All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

The Saxon is the lowest priced of the three all-terrain scooters in this blog, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on what’s necessary. You’ll notice the obvious characteristics like the larger than standard tyre, considerable ground clearance, and robust frame, but it’s off-road capabilities go further than that. Firstly, the entire scooter is weather proof, from the electronics to the materials used. So, if a downpour hits while you’re out in the wilderness you can be sure it’ll keep going.

On the subject of ‘keeping going’, the 50ah battery – upgradable to 75ah – offers you a range of 20miles, giving you license to explore. The drivability of the Saxon is also a major consideration. The delta tiller makes it comfortable for anyone, even those with grip difficulties and the full suspension system will iron out even the heftiest of bumps.

all-terrainAztec All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

The Aztec has the same robust chassis and delta tiller design as the Saxon, but additional features offer an enhanced experience. The most apparent of these is the choice of tyres. You can choose the same off-road/on-road hybrid tyres on the Saxon, or you can choose turf saver tyres for lawns, or full off-road tyres for the trickiest terrain. You can even add mudguards to prevent yourself getting too covered in the ground beneath you.

The Aztec also comes with a 75ah battery as standard that can be fitted with a speed upgrade for off-road use only. This upgrade allows the scooter to reach a 12mph top speed. The Aztec also has an increased weight limit of 34st 13lbs, almost 13st more than the Saxon.

Mayan AC All-Terrain Mobility Scooterall-terrain

Once again, the same base design of chassis and tiller is the same on the Mayan as the previous two all-terrain scooters, but the Mayan leaves absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to being well equipped. Like the Aztec, you have a choice of three different tyres, the addition of mudguards, and the option to enhance the top speed – this time to 15mph – for off-road driving.

Furthermore, extra additions include a massively increased weight limit of 64st 12lbs and an additional 3 miles of range. The enhancements don’t stop there. A more luxurious seat makes you feel secure and the increased torque of the Mayan means the scooter has an anti-rollback feature to stop it toppling on inclines at speed.

Finally, additional options for all the all-terrain scooters include: The GIVI Trekker storage box for anything and everything you might need to take your expedition, a weatherproof canopy that can withstand wind and rain, and a suspension seat to further enhance comfort over uneven terrain.